The Bondage of The Natural Man

Bible Text: II Peter 2:19 | Preacher: Arthur Hunt | Series: Grace

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Eschatology-Future Events: PreTrib PreMil Rapture

Bible Text: Matthew 24:3-4,Revelation 7:14 | Preacher: Dr. Carl Sadler

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Some introductory remarks.
A There bas been a revival of interest in Christ’s return.
1. Christ’s return bas always been important to Bible believers, but even more
so today.
2. Now, surprisingly, this interest is among the more liberals too.
a. All of the interest is not necessarily to our good.
b. There is a great trend to explain-away many realities by making some
kind of spiritual application.
3. We still have the skeptics saying, Where is the promise of His coming? (II
Peter 3:4).
B. There are several different positions concerning the return of Christ and the
doctrine of last things. The three prominent positions are Amillennialism,
Postmillennialism, and Premillennialism. The names of all three positions are
derived from the Latin word millennium which means thousand (Latin mille)
years (Latin annus or ennium ).